I.C.I.S. membership is held by organisations. All employees of a member organisation can participate in ICIS activities.

I.C.I.S. members are organisations that are public or private, and are involved in activities covered by the Society’s ‘Interest Areas,’ including:

  • Construction specifications
  • Construction cost data
  • Construction product data
  • Construction standards
  • Operation and maintenance data
  • Classification of construction information
  • Interoperability of any item above with Building Information Models (BIM)

Organisations can apply for membership by submitting, to the I.C.I.S. Secretary, a Membership Application Form showing evidence of its qualifications as a potential Member, together with a description of the organisation and its activities.

Annual membership dues are €1,200, with a discount for early payment.

For more information see I.C.I.S. Membership.