The mission of the Society is to advance the globalisation, standardisation, harmonisation, and interoperability of construction information by:

  • Influencing related standards and regulations.
  • Raising awareness, acceptance, and use of construction information systems.
  • Representing the common interests of ICIS members in dealings with international and national organisations, authorities, and associations.
  • Serving as subject matter experts (SME) and establishing guidelines and recommended practices in ICIS Interest areas.

The interests of the Society include:

  • Construction specifications
  • Construction cost data
  • Construction product data, including environmental information
  • Construction standards
  • Operations and maintenance data
  • Classification of construction information, including each of the items above
  • Interoperability of each of the items above with drawings/models

Membership may be granted to organisations that are public or private, and are involved in activities covered by the Society’s ‘Interest Areas.’