Previous Conferences

ICIS conducts an annual conference and Delegates Assembly, which are hosted by an ICIS member. At each conference, members and guest speakers make presentations about industry trends and developments, and new products from ICIS members.

ICIS 2014 Conference

Tallinn, Estonia
June 2014
Host: RTA

ICIS 2013 Conference

Hiroshima, Japan
June 2013
Host: IIBH

ICIS 2012 Conference

Oslo, Norway
June 2012
Hosts: Standards Norway, Norconsult

ICIS 2011 Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2011
Host: bips

ICIS 2010 Conference

Sydney, Australia
June 2010

ICIS 2009 Conference

Lucerne, Switzerland
May 2009
Host: CRB

ICIS 2008 Conference

Berlin, Germany
June 2008
Host: GAEB

ICIS 2007 Conference

Salt Lake City, USA
June 2007

ICIS 2006 Conference

Durban, South Africa
June 2006
Host: CCN

ICIS 2005 Conference

Rotterdam, Netherlands
June 2005

ICIS 2004 Conference

Toronto, Canada
May 2004
Host: CSC, Digicon

ICIS 2003 Conference

Newcastle, England
June 2003
Host: RIBA

ICIS 2002 Conference

Auckland, New Zealand
March 2002
Host: CIL

ICIS 2001 Conference

Helsinki, Finland
June 2001
Host: RTA

ICIS 2000 Conference

Kyoto, Japan
June 2000
Host: IIBH