Project List

Project 1: Definition of a Specification

The purpose of this project is to define what a specification is.

Project 2: Specifications and Geometry

The goal is a report is to identify types of specification information that can or may exist in a Building Information Model (BIM). The report assumes the concept structure of a project BIM being made up of two linked models; a geometric model and a specification model.

Project 3: Specifications and BIM

The role of specifications in BIM is not fully recognized. The combination of the ‘definition of a specification’ and the implementation of a specification in BIM need to be addressed with the BIM community.

Project 4: Specifications and BIM sub-project 2 Connecting specifications and BIM

Project 5: Classification and BIM

Most classification tables of the construction industry today (and in the current ISO 12006-2 standard as Framework for classification of construction information) aims at classifying documents with contained information – and often for very specific parties, stages or documents of the construction lifecycle.

Project 6: Cost Estimation and BIM

Explore the following issues: How can cost estimating benefit from BIM (quantities, elemental cost estimating. Methods for connecting cost estimates to BIM? Challenges in cost estimating with BIM. The process of BIM-based cost estimating. Review of BIM-based cost estimating software.

Project 7: BIM Object Libraries

To identify and evaluate the various approaches to the organization and structure of BIM object libraries.