About ICIS

The International Construction Information Society (ICIS) is an association of organizations that provides national master specification systems, cost information systems and/or building product information for the construction industry.

ICIS members are neutral in status (i.e. not political), technically authoritative, and solidly rooted in the construction industry. Currently, ICIS includes representatives from 13 countries and five continents.

We believe that using and maintaining high-quality knowledge and information improves both our national and the global construction industries.

We are a society of like-minded organizations who share our thoughts and ideas, and promote best practice in our home nations and around the world.

Networking is important to us, and we organize an annual conference where current issues and technologies can be discussed and debated.

We create projects that use the skills and experience of our members to produce technical reports and solutions about topical issues. These are available to all members, with some available to the general public.


Who does ICIS Represent?

ICIS represents the organizations that are its members. These member organizations provide technical services to hundreds of thousands of construction professionals, world wide, who use their products and services to prepare construction documents. For the changing needs of our members’ clients, ICIS aims to anticipate and confront trends occurring in the construction industry internationally, including the following:

  • The strong trend towards international harmonization of standards and procedures
  • The increasing expectation of functionality and user-friendliness of information used in construction processes
  • The need to integrate a wide variety of related project data, particularly drawings, specifications, costs, and product information